Altus Intervention Job opportunities

Altus Intervention conducts operations in oil and gas wells to maximize production, increase the recovery rate from reservoirs and extend the production life cycle of wells.
Altus Intervention is headquartered in Stavanger and has employees both onshore and offshore, with the majority based in Stavanger (Norway) and Aberdeen (UK). Altus Intervention also has operations in Europe, Americas, Africa, Middle East, and APAC.


Job title Office Details
Field Engineer (offshore) Esbjerg More details
Field Engineers (offshore) Stavanger More details
Mechanic (onshore) Stavanger More details
Operations Supervisors – Logging & Interventions (onshore) Stavanger More details
Senior Equipment Engineer – Tractor and Logging (onshore) Stavanger More details
Senior Maintenance Engineer (onshore) Stavanger More details
Service Technician (onshore) Stavanger More details