Burgan Drilling Job Opportunities

Burgan main core activity is to provide Drilling & Workover services for oil companies. Burgan do carry a Fleet of rigs vary from 350HP up to 3000HP  with this high varieties of horsepower and capabilities We are able to serve Burgan clients to drill their deep, medium & shallow wells and carry also  Workover operations for the same. All Burgan rigs are well equipped with latest technology in the market such as Iron Roughneck, Top Drive,
Automatic driller, Casing handling tools automatic Catwalk & Cyber chairs to ensure that always Burgan provide Burgan clients with the optimum and  latest technology to drill their wells in a safe, controlled and optimum environment to ensure that wells are drilled or Workover and delivered as
per its well program
Over the years, BWD had developed its  experience to drill HPHT wells using its 3000HP  fleet effectively. Now that Burgan Clients are
stretching beyond where the standards have  been traditionally based, an effort is under way to align Burgan Standards to meet Burgan Clients requirements in regards to Competency,  Equipment & HSE.
Having a fleet of rigs vary between 350 HP up to 2000 HP Burgan Company had been serving its Clients for Drilling & Workover Shallow to    medium depth wells from 1000 Ft. to 15,000 Ft.  vertical, deviated or horizontal profile. All BurganRigs are engineered to add value to the  customer by reducing move times so it have  been equipped with Fast move equipment to  ensure that the rig move from one location to   another is completed fast and in optimum time required. All Burgan Rigs for servicing oil and gas wells, pulling unit and Workover rigs are   manufactured and equipped with all required equipment & Handling Tools to meet Burgan customer specifications and satisfaction.
Burgan Workover fleet had been involved in all well intervention jobs (ESP repair, water cut, casing leak, perforation, initial completion…etc.) required by the Client and it had been  completed successful.
BWD Careers
Welcome to the careers section of Burgan Drilling Company. If you are ambitious and have a thirst for knowledge, then BWD is the right environment for you. Burgan  focus on recruiting highly talented staff with commitment and dedication to be up to the challenge while building and developing their skills. BWD’s environment is  challenging and competitive, and requires exceptional caliber, but is also rewarding with opportunities for career advancement. If you are up to the challenge and  believe you can be instrumental in further developing BWD’s drilling business and general operations while upholding Burgan safety standards, then apply here and Burgan will contact you if an opening is available.