Electrician, Mechanic, Driller and Other Drilling Job Opportunities

Are you a local or expat residing in Malaysia or Thailand? Fantastic opportunity awaits for you!
Urgently in need of the following offshore crew for my client’s rig:
– Offshore Installation Manager
– Tourpusher
– Driller
– Senior Electrician
– Senior Mechanic
– Electrician
– Mechanic
– Barge Engineer
– Crane Operator
– Offshore Materials Coordinator
Ideal candidates should have valid relevant certificates and can be mobilized immediately. We are looking at 1-2 hitches or possibly more.
If you are interested, please send your CV at maryann.bartolata@spencer-ogden.com and let me know the best number to call.
Thank you and please don’t hesitate to refer anyone in your network who might be suitable.
Disclaimer: In relation to the COVID restrictions, these roles would be ideal to those individuals who are currently living in the above mentioned countries.