Fire & Safety Technician JOB


Fire & Safety Technician

Job purpose & Scope:
Undertake fire fighting, safety and related duties on Zirku, participating as a member of the fire fighting team, in both actual situations and emergency drills and assisting in general fire fighting training activities and the maintenance and testing of fire-fighting and safety equipment and appliances.
2.1  – Budget (Operating / Capital):
2.2  – No. of Subordinates: Other: As per DOA

Principal Accountabilities:
a.) Operate as a member of a crew to fight fires or assist in rescue missions involving the use of fire fighting equipment, various area, as instructed (this includes starting water pumps, handling water spraying hose, opening taps/valve and operating fire extinguishers).
b.) Train and drill regularly on fire prevention and fire fighting equipment, maintenance and general rescue techniques.
c.) Undertake daily maintenance and testing work on fire fighting safety and emergency equipment, appliances, tools, vehicles and station premises (including cleaning, repairing, washing, drying, replenishing and testing both mobile and fixed equipment such as hoses, valves, halo cylinders, vehicles, bells, hydrants and motor parts).
d.) Load, unload, tighten, replenish, crape, paint, test, recharge and maintain good operating condition portable foam or chemical fire extinguishers.
e.) Participate in job watch activities which involve standing by and observing all activities carried out by company or contractors’ personnel according to a Permit to work. report any cases of incorrect work practices to the station Officer or the Fire Master.
f.) Undertake other stand by duties such as at the landing and take off of helicopters and airplanes and at the loading and unloading of supply boats.
g.) Complete pre-printed forms when carrying out maintenance work, indicating work carried out and observations made.
h.) Undertake other similar or related duties such as maintaining safety officers and locations in a clean and safe conditions, carrying out security checks as requested and cleaning work site after fire fighting operations of drills.
i.) Conduct training on SCBA/escape sets for visitors/new employees and refresher courses for Zirku personnel.
j.) Conduct basic fire fighting course for Zakum personnel / newcomers and Zirku personnel.
k.) Carry out PA System and fire alarm tests.
l.) Carry out Fire Protection tests and inspections (Deluge, Water spray, Foam, CO2, Inergen and Halon).
m.) Maintain SCBA’s Escape sets. Perform checks as per manufacturers instructions and ensure records of service, testing and certification is maintained.
n.) Act as a Station Officer during his absence and perform his duties.
o.) Perform gas monitoring during hot work and carry out duties of fire watch as required.
p.) Conduct security patrolling of plant and off-site sensitive areas and report findings to Station Officer.
q.) Attend required HSE training as per the ZADCO HSE Training matrix.
r.) Participate in Oil Spill recovery / drill as required.
Organizational Relationships (Work Contacts):
Station Officer / Fire Master.

Independence of Operations and Decision-making Authority:
Works in accordance with standard or specific instructions. May work barges and may need to take routine decisions concerning continuation of work whilst on job watch. Work is subject normally to close checking.

Physical Effort:
Involves strenuous physical effort, climbing, pushing, lofting and moving during drills and actual fire fighting. 7.
Work Environment:
Most of the work time is spent in a non air-conditioned environment where he is exposed to prevailing weather conditions, dust, dirt and extensive heat and fumes and job hazards.

Minimum Requirements:
a.) Completion of Secondary Technical Education / ATI (12 years) or equivalent.
b.) Fire years experience in fire fighting including relevant oil field fire fighting experience would be preferable.
c.) Valid driving license, preferably of heavy duty vehicles.
d.) Requirement to read / write English.