Instrument & Control Supervisor job


Looking for I&C Supervisor for project in Indonesia.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Power Plant Instrument & Controls Supervisor duties and responsibilities will include the following:

  • Perform all duties assigned in a safe and professional manner. Be guided in all work by the precept that safety of personnel and equipment is a top corporate priority.
  • During the construction phase assume responsibility for integrating incoming plant personnel into the effort to correctly inspect, calibrate, repair, refurbish and install all plant instrumentation. Assist with monitoring installation of all plant instrumentation to ensure that it is installed as designed.
  • Assist Startup and Commissioning effort as requested under the direct control of the Commissioning Manager.

As plant approaches operational status transition to ongoing duties:

  • Lead a team of Instrument Mechanics and DCS controls specialists who are responsible for maintaining and upgrading the plant instrumentation and controls system. Includes supervisory requirements such as scheduling of personnel to cover required work, documentation of work practices by individuals to ensure compliance to plant procedures, monitoring of attendance, adherence to safety rules and regulations, etc
  • Plant subject matter expert for all Instrumentation and Controls equipment and programming of plant systems.
  • Following approved company procedures plan, schedule and control the inspection, testing, calibration, maintenance, repair and replacement of all instrumentation, electrical signaling and communications systems at the plant with assistance from the work planner.
  • Following approved company procedures plan, schedule, control and completely document all work performed on the plant DCS system and distributed PLC’s , including troubleshooting and configuration changes.
  • Monitor work of I&C and DCS personnel to ensure they are working in a safe and efficient manner while following approved company procedures.
  • Responsible for maintenance of complete equipment files, logs and drawings for all designated equipment.
  • Responsible for ordering of spare parts and inventory management for all controls system and instrumentation system spare parts, tools, and equipment. Responsible for forecasting needs for parts and equipment, particularly during planned maintenance outages.
  • Lead in the creation and modification process for plant procedures relating to Instrumentation and Controls work of any kind.
  • Maintain emissions monitoring equipment as required by air permits
  • Coordinate, conduct, analyze and interpret a wide variety of technical test data to detect instrumentation problems quickly.
  • Work with vendors to update and improve the capabilities of the I&C system on a continuing basis.
  • Assume lead role in the investigation of plant upsets and incidents involving the plant instrumentation and controls system.
  • Monitor work of contractors during outages and special projects to assess productivity and ensure quality standards are maintained.
  • Plan, prepare and present training for I&C and DCS group and cross training for other plant personnel to increase the understanding of I&C capabilities while improving performance and enhancing safety levels.
  • Function as part of plant emergency response team within limitations of training received.

Qualifications and Experience Required:

  • 5 years or more satisfactory supervisory experience at a power plant or similarly complex industrial facility.
  • 10 years or more satisfactory experience in I&C work including DCS and PLC digital controls experience.
  • Professional licenses and documented controls system training highly preferred.
  • Excellent knowledge of instrumentation systems including correct installation procedures required.
  • Excellent working knowledge of digital control systems and communication interfaces required.
  • Good communication and organizational skills.
  • College degree involving process controls systems and electrical principles highly preferred.
  • Previous extended tours of work in man camp/remote access locations or experience as a field contractor highly preferred.
  • Computer literate with excellent working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel. Experience with software for testing and analysis of instrumentation and signal processing highly preferred. Experience with estimating and maintenance program management software highly preferred.