Odfjell Drilling Opportunities

Odfjell Drilling is an international drilling and well service provider with more than 45 years’ experience. Today,  approximately 2500 valued employees are serving clients in several international countries. 

Odfjell Drilling owns and operates mobile offshore drilling units both in Norway and worldwide and is a provider of platform drilling services in the North Sea. The Company offers Well Services, Engineering and Project Management. Odfjell are an organization with long experience from harsh environments in the North Sea.
Odfjellcontinuously look for talented people to share the exciting challenges in the global oil and gas industry. Although the company is known for experience and expertise, Odfjell know how to appreciate innovation and new thinking.

Join Odfjell for the future; visit www.odfjelldrilling.com for more information on people, values, and business.

As a respected provider of high quality drilling services to some of the leading names in the oil industry, Odfjell Drilling depends on the expertise and commitment of its valued team members across the globe.

The following overview provides an insight into the variety of different positions that exist within Odfjell Drilling, both on- and offshore.

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QHSE Advisor with Training and Competency Responsibilities 29/01/2020 Aberdeen, GB
Toolpusher 27/01/2020 Aberdeen
Senior Rig Mechanic 27/01/2020 Aberdeen
Senior Electrician 27/01/2020 Aberdeen
Assistant Driller 27/01/2020 Aberdeen
Drilling Equipment Inspector 31/01/2020 Aberdeen, GB
WIS Supervisor (Fishing, Milling, Casing Exit) 31/01/2020 Romania
Subsea Trainee – Mobile Drilling Unit Fleet 31.01.2020 Offshore


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