Senior Drilling Supervisor JOB


Senior Drilling Supervisor

The Drilling Supervisor (DSV) is the OQ Representative at the rig site and is responsible for the safe and efficient execution (time and cost) of all drilling or workover related activities in accordance with OQ Drilling and Completion programmes to ensure well objectives are met and operations are conducted in accordance with OQ policies & standards for HSE performance, well integrity management, well data acquisition and operations execution.
HSE Roles & Responsibilities:
• Responsible for overall Drilling/Workover Unit(s) HSE performance. Lead Drilling/Workover Unit(s) to achieve company annual HSE KPIs.
• Provide technical input during any HSE Emergency incident or Well control event arising from Well Engineering activities.
• Responsible for the implementation and monitoring of Well Delivery annual HSSE plan to the relevant Drilling/Workover Unit(s) and ensure these Units operate ‘at all time’ in compliance with OQ HSSE requirements.
• Ensure all drilling and service contractors conduct their work activities in accordance with contractual requirements for service provision, service quality and HSE.  Additionally, establish and maintain HSE & Quality culture at the well site that is aligned with OQ requirements.
• Monitors HSE performance and proactively assures that all personnel comply with OQ and their employer’s Policies, Standards and Safety Management Systems through ensuring implementation of effective inductions, approved HSE risk management, pre-job safety and general safety forums at the well site.
• Close-out rig-based HSE actions resulting from Audit and incident investigations.
• Actively contribute to all high potential HSE incidents’ investigations including participation in the investigation team while ensuring OQ investigation and reporting process is followed.
• Conduct commissioning process on new Drilling/Workover Unit(s).
• Ensures all personnel are aware of the Emergency Response Plan and understand their role/action in the event of an incident/emergency.  Under the management of the FOM, assume the role of Site Commander in the event of an incident/emergency.
• When required, act as Well Delivery representative as per the Emergency Response Plan.
• Ensure to Work safely and think proactively about personal safety and safety of others at work
• Actively participate in, contribute to, and promote company occupational health, safety, security and environment culture.
• Ensure work is carried out in accordance with the Company HSE and Security policies and procedures and meet company HSE goals and targets, and participate in HSE programs

Operations Roles & Responsibilities::
• Supervise and issue work instructions to all drilling and service contractors in all aspects of daily drilling and completion activities including (but not limited to); drilling operations, casing operations, cementing operations, well integrity assurance, petrophysical data acquisition, geological data acquisition, fluid systems management, remedial operations and completion operations to ensure compliance with OQ programs. In doing so, the roles may include but are not limited to:
o Selection of tools for bottom hole assemblies to identify an optimum configuration that optimizes performance of the tools string and job objective;
o Monitor operation of equipment controls to ensure pipe movement in and/or out of the well does not compromise well control
o Strong understanding of down hole conditions.
o Perform field calculations to cementation jobs.
o Supervise all rig up and rig downs on location including unit transit between locations to ensure HSE is not compromised.
• Conduct all Well Engineering activities as per industry and OQ operational procedures and standards.
• Work to accomplish the Well Delivery business plan (HSE; number of activities; NPT and total cost).
• Ensure all Drilling/Workover Unit(s) Well Control; hoisting, pumping and power equipment are tested, maintained and operated within their envelope and as per OQ/OEM requirements.
• Review OQ drilling and completion programs and provide input for future plans. Discuss with the Senior Well Engineers and Well Engineers to ensure lessons learned are applied to future wells.
• Responsible to ensure all required operations reports are completed as per Well delivery reporting format including the provision of accurate Value-Of-Work-Done.
• Actively contribute to the performance review sessions with contractor(s) and ensure all resulted actions are closed on time.
• Provide a detailed post-well operational performance review report. This must include, but not limited to; Actual vs plan cost and time, NPT, problems encountered, solutions provided, practices to be repeated and improvements.
• Liaise with Senior Well Engineer on requirements for operation optimization or remedial work and formulates revised work instructions in accordance with OQ change management requirements.
• Raise Management of Change (MOC) requests to Senior Well Engineer for all critical changes and deviations in drilling/workover activities.
• Ensure material and services are arranged in a timely manner to avoid any disruptions to operations whilst avoiding unnecessary stand-by charges. In doing so, he needs to liaise with Well Engineering office staff on plans and optimization of logistics and materials management. In addition, ensure proper maintenance and protection of company inventory at work site.
• Review, confirm the accuracy of and sign off field tickets. The WSS will highlight comments and NPT records on the field ticket to enable proper review at head office.
Other Roles & Responsibilities:
• Ensure contractual compliance on HSE and Operations aspects and highlight deviations to Well Delivery office team.
• Monitor training and development progress for well site trainees and new well engineers. Act as mentor when required for some new intakes.

• Educated to degree level or equivalent (well engineering, mechanical or equivalent)
• Minimum 6 years experience
• Extensive Drilling Engineering experience with an Operator. Recent experience (in the last three years preferred) in the planning and drilling of land based shallow and deep horizontal well.
• Experience as a Drilling Supervisor is essential
• Specific experience appropriate to the project e.g. remote land drilling.
• Demonstrable commitment to Health, Safety and Environmental performance (Lead by example).
• Basic PC skills including MS Word/Excel in addition to being conversant with the industry-standard Drilling Engineering software packages, i.e. Openwells, etc.
• Must be a self-driven, inquisitive and confident to pursue new designs and withstand challenges from peers.
• Must be able to work independently with minimal peer assistance / supervision.
• Must be able to work in a multi-cultural environment

6. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Performance Review
Below are key indicators and where indicated targets, setting median company expectations;

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