Senior Metering Technician JOB


Senior Metering Technician

Demonstrate ownership of metering data within Computerised Maintenance
Management System (CMMS) and submitting change requests (where
• Ownership of 3rd Party Metering Management Software (MMS), ensuring that
any issues are resolved and communicated back to onshore metering engineer
• Maintain Primary / Secondary equipment & Quality Analysers against
procedures, standards and uncertainties in accordance with CMMS / 3rd Party
MMS schedules and plans. Provide feedback on improvement opportunities
• Assist operations team with isolation of metering equipment with a view to
gaining full independent isolating authority status
• Carry out reinstatement of equipment and post job operations, including
performing calculations, highlighting potential mismeasurements, data
validation, documentation upkeep and reporting. Completion of work
orders/instructions/logbooks in a timely manner with detailed work history
• Perform and record daily metering checks including trend checking to ensure
health of metering systems. Report any potential issues to onshore engineer in
a timely manner
• Responsible for the safe start-up of measurement systems & analysers after
an outage bringing them to a fully operational state without any damage /
contamination to the equipment
• Responsible to shutdown measurement systems to a safe controlled condition
for an outage to ensure that the equipment / analysers are not damaged.
• Fully responsible for ensuring that sufficient certified Field & test equipment is
available offshore to execute the metering maintenance plans. All Field & test
equipment should be safely shipped onshore for recertification within a timely
manner and equipment trackers kept up to date.
• Management of 3rd party personnel and vendors at site, ensuring that work is
carried out safely as per the agreed scope.
• Carry out comprehensive end of trip handovers and ensure that information
given to you is accurate. Action findings from previous handovers in a timely
• Ensure that areas within your responsibility are maintained to a professional
clean standard. Perform regular housekeeping at metering stations.
• The ability to mentor other metering personnel and platform personnel, where
Ability to safely carry out manual sampling on gas and liquid systems.
• Demonstrate a full understanding and adhere to client safety systems and
• Lead personnel during measurement audits and identify key areas for
improvement and compliance, including elimination of audit points
• Deal promptly and effectively with equipment faults, defects and error
messages within your control, and report those that cannot be resolved. Carry
out extensive fault finding on problematic equipment, with proposed
• Ownership and execution of work plan including raising own PTW and
associated documentation in a timely manner
• Early identification, data capture and communication of measurement issues
including assistance of mismeasurement reporting
• Good communication skills and the ability to maintain effective working
relationships with personnel at all levels
HNC in engineering subject (or equivalent) is essential
• Apprenticeship in engineering subject is preferred
• SVQ level 3 in Measurement processes (or working towards) is essential
• Knowledge and experience of measurement and metering systems
• Experience within a similar role in the energy sector
• Must demonstrate excellent written and verbal communications skills
• Working knowledge of all relevant IP, API, AGA, BS and ISO standards and
codes of practice
• Compliance with OGA Guidelines; relevant Pipeline Commercial Agreements
and Regulations
• Awareness of Chrysaor Values & Business Principles
Understands the value of clear, well thought out communication and active listening, coupled with honest and
respectful responses to achieve positive outcomes and maintain productive relationships.
Understands that part of business success is a result of individual and collective decision-making, based
on sound judgement, competency and integrity.
Willing to accept responsibility for their actions and executes work in an honest and respectful way that
materially influences how Chrysaor and its employees are perceived by stakeholders.
Recognises the importance of fact over opinion and that the best solution may not always be the most obvious.
As a team member, displays a consultative, non-territorial and collegiate approach that promotes trust and
As a manager, recognises that caring passionately about the welfare and wellbeing of their people as much
as the business itself delivers and sustains a positive team dynamic, commitment, team spirit, pride, trust and
group identity.
As a leader, develops a broad understanding of Chrysaor’s Core Values and Business Principles. Recognises
opportunities and threats, industry trends, emerging technology and displays initiative, energy and commitment
in carrying out Chrysaor’s Core Values through inspiration, an active coaching style utilising appropriate
resources and a safe proactive culture.
As a supervisor, has clarity of purpose to successfully influence and focus the team on the safe achievement
of the planned objective utilising effective planning and appropriate resources.
Ensures that the right information is provided at the right time to promote excellent decision making; takes
advantage of the collective expertise of team members to undertake and deliver the work; encourages
knowledge exchange within the team; helps decide where to invest critical resources; links long-range visions
and concepts to daily work tasks.
Recognises and supports the notion that ‘their success is my success’ and that investing in coaching time
is advantageous for both Chrysaor and the development of individuals.
Copes under pressure and views adaptability and flexibility as positive attributes.
Takes proactive and timely steps to prevent situations that could otherwise result in unnecessary confrontations
and negatively affect the ability to work together in a positive and constructive manner.
Possesses the ability to carefully and systematically tackle a problem in a timely fashion, utilising a logical
approach to deliver a safe and economical outcome.
Takes active responsibility for the achievement of collective and personal goals and objectives within agreed
timeframes within the framework of Chrysaor’s Core Values and Business Principles.
Understands and actively promotes Chrysaor’s Core Values and Business Principles in all aspects of their
professional life
Owner: Fiona Campbell
HR Management Consultant
Approver Corinne Kelt
Human Resources Director
Doc Number CHRY-UKO-HR-TMPL-0966 Function: Human Resources
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